Cheap paternity tests get some people itching. Have you been shopping around for a cheap paternity test? Or perhaps have you been wondering whether to pick the more expensive paternity test? Will you get better quality for more money if the test is expensive? Can you get the Gucci of paternity tests by paying more money? Why are some tests cheaper than others?

Paternity DNA testing is definitely the most reliable means of establishing whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child. Other methods, such as comparing blood groups, are not considered to be reliable; in fact blood groups are only useful at excluding fathers, not at including them.

Costs: Cheap vs. expensive paternity DNA tests

Paternity testing companies of course incur costs which they need to cover. They have administrative expenses, the costs of DNA testing kits, laboratory analysis costs, all the people who make your test possible also need to be paid. Of course, the DNA testing company must make some profit somewhere and each is free to set their own prices.

The paternity test you choose very much depends on your personal notion of the connotations you give to words like cheap and expensive. But fully justifying the costs for a paternity test that is very expensive when compared to all other competitors within a given country may also questionable. The fact that demands for such tests are so high means that many companies market globally, meet the demands of many markets and thus, carry out many DNA tests in their laboratories. They can save costs because of what are referred to as economies of scale; costs become less as sales become more.

Let’s not however, take things to the extreme and assume that costs can be reduced to certain levels, perhaps a couple of tenners.  This would naturally and rightfully lead to a legitimate questioning of the quality of your cheap paternity DNA test. In fact, in such a case “cheap” really does being to suggest low-quality and even inaccurate and perhaps one should steer clear of such tests.

So how would I know whether the Cheap paternity DNA test is reliable?

Most reliable DNA testing companies will always recommend sending the mothers samples and inform you that having these will strengthen the results. Paternity tests can however, be carried out even without the mother’s samples.

Be wary of companies that give a low initial cost and then begin adding postage fees, kit fees, etc. It may ultimately end up not that cheap after all.

Cheap Paternity Tests and Accreditation

To establish with certainty whether your DNA test is going to reliable and provide you with scientifically validated results you definitely need to look for an accredited laboratory. Once the company you choose offers accredited tests, whether the price is cheap or expensive (and this is also subjective) becomes of secondary importance. There are a number of laboratory accreditations around but in this particular case, you need to look out for accreditations that are specifically designated for DNA testing laboratories. The most important one is ISO 17025.

Customer Service

Once the company has been efficient dealing with you initial queries and guarantees results by working only with accredited laboratories then you do not need to worry too much about the price.

You do not have to choose price over accuracy and efficiency, you just need to know what to look out for and make an informed choice.   A cheap paternity test does not necessarily reflect poor testing standards or lacking customer care services.


It is important to note that relationship DNA testing is not covered by the NHS so some cost will be incurred. Even though it is not offered free on the NHS, it may still be necessary to proceed.


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