Pricing and turnaround time

homeDNAdirect UK offers the MtDNA test for 2 participants from only £299 and you can expect to receive your results within 10-12 business days.

Why is MtDNA special?

MtDNA is a special type of DNA for the following reasons:

  • It is found in the mitochondria of the cell and not the cell nucleus.
  • It is handed down from mother to her children; both male and female.

Whilst males inherit their MtDNA from their mother, they do not pass it to their children, only females can pass it to their offspring. This inheritance pattern along with the low mutation rate of MtDNA, makes MtDNA testing extremely accurate and a perfect tool for confirming whether individuals share a common maternal ancestor.

MtDNA Testing in the Laboratory

Our analysts will take the MtDNA and specifically map out your X-SV profiles to determine whether the sequence of these profiles is similar enough to conclude a positive result. Should they be similar enough, then the tested individuals share the same maternal line. The test will not, however, tell you how close or how distant the relationship is, neither the exact nature of the relationship (aunt and niece/ nephew, grandparent and grandchild etc). The results of the test can help you base your conclusions depending on your particular scenario and what you wished to establish through this test.

Collecting your DNA samples

At homeDNAdirect we like to keep things easy and make the process straightforward. All samples for our MtDNA test can be collected using our own sample collection kit. The kit will be sent to your address once you have made you payment and will contain everything you need to collect your own samples. The samples we require are just saliva samples which clients collect using the mouth swabs we provide inside our kit. To see just how simple the sample collection procedure is you may visit our sample collection page.

Using MtDNA to trace your deep maternal ancestry

If you wish to learn more about your maternal ancestors thousands and thousands of years back then why not opt for our maternal lineage test? The results will show your maternal haplogroup designation as well as provide you with a personalised map and much more!