More MtDNA testing information

Our MtDNA test for the testing of 2 people is offered at £299. The results for this test are ready and emailed in 20-30 business days from the moment we receive samples.

We suggest you return samples by courier directly to the laboratory because the local postal system has proved unreliable and we cannot be responsible for samples that do not reach us.

Mitochondrial DNA is not nuclear DNA

Mitochondrial DNA is not your usual DNA. The DNA we find in the cell nucleus and that is used for all types of DNA tests is called nuclear DNA. In fact, when you talk or read about DNA and DNA testing, we are generally referring to a type of DNA we call nuclear DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is entirely different to nuclear DNA. This type of DNA is found in a specialized part of the cell which is called the cell mitochondrion.

Every individual, male or female, inherits MtDNA from their mother but only females can pass it to their children.

Any two people who suspect they might share a common maternal lineage can discover or confirm this by doing a mitochondrial DNA test. Blood maternal relatives, no matter how closely or distantly related, will share the same mitochondrial sequence.

Notes about MtDNA testing

Samples are collected using our home sample collection kit. We will send the kit to your chosen address. Once we receive your samples, we will email your results in 20-30 business days from the moment we receive samples. The results will show your MtDNA sequence and indicate whether or not the people tested have the same maternal lineage.

Sample collection procedure

Samples for our MtDNA test can be collected using our at-home kit. The kit contains the swabs used for sampling: a quick rub inside the mouth and the samples are ready for testing. Instructions on how to thoroughly carry out sample collection are to be found inside the kit. Click here to view the sample collection procedure.

Tracing your ancient maternal lineage

Mitochondrial DNA testing can also be used to determine ancient maternal ancestry and origins. This test is an ideal ancestry test for those who wish to find out more about their maternal origins, thousands of years back. Sample collection for this test is also done using a simple oral swab. To read more about our ancestry testing services and our maternal lineage test, we suggest you read our maternal ancestry testing page.



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