Why use a maternity DNA test?

We suggest you return samples by courier directly to the laboratory because the local postal system has proved unreliable and we cannot be responsible for samples that do not reach us.

It is unusual for any mother to doubt whether she is the real biological mother of her children. But there are cases in which our clients request a maternity test.

  • Immigration authorities in various countries may require the results of a maternity test to prove that a mother is related to the people she claims to be her children. A legal maternity test would support her claims as being the biological mother of a child, especially if she does not have access to proper birth documents.
  • In cases of In-vitro fertilization, a mother may wish to confirm whether the correct embryo was implanted and have her mind at rest that no mix-ups have taken place.
  • Adopted children may seek a maternity test in an attempt to be reunited with their biological mother.

Maternity DNA testing results

Results of a maternity test will provide a 99.99% probability of maternity in cases where the tested mother is the biological mother of the child or children tested. If the tested mother is not the biological mother, the probability of maternity will be 0%.

How is the test carried out?

Home maternity testing is done using our self-sampling kit. Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive our kit a few working days later. Inside our kit you will find:

  • Sterile oral mouth swabs
  • Pre addressed envelopes
  • Consent forms
  • Instructions

Samples are normally collected using our home kit because this is the quickest and most straightforward way for our clients. Oral swabs can be rubbed inside the mouth for just ten seconds in order to collect the cheek cells from which we extract the DNA.

When you have collected your DNA samples, you simply send them back to us for testing using the self-addressed envelope we supply inside the kit. Click here to learn how to collect your samples.

Note about legal maternity testing

When doing a legal DNA test, the sample collection will be carried out by a sampler – a neutral third party witness to the test. If you need your test for legal or immigration purposes, we strongly recommend contacting our customer support team.


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