Ancestry Tests

Our ancestry tests include a diverse portfolio of DNA tests aimed at helping you discover your geo-genetic origins, ancient family heritage as well as other more specific aspects of your maternal or paternal lineage.

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Animal Tests

homeDNAdirect animal DNA testing services will help dog owners and breeders alike. The portfolio includes DNA testing for dogs, cats and birds.

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Clinical Tests

homeDNAdirect offers a range of clinical testing services to help optimise your health. This includes our genetic predisposition test for disease susceptibility.

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Dog DNA Tests

homeDNAdirect offers various DNA tests which can help dog owners to improve their canine's quality of life. The portfolio includes breed testing, allergy testing and more.

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Health & Wellbeing Tests

If you are after maximizing your health and wellbeing and understanding how certain aspects of your health can be understood through gene analysis, Genetic Testing Laboratories’ health tests might be of interested to you.

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Other Tests

homeDNAdirect other tests include a variety of DNA testing services such as our Semen Detection test, DNA profiling testing service and disaster victim identification.

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Paternity Tests

A DNA paternity test establishes the probability that a male is the true biological father of a child. Our paternity DNA tests are designed to make proving paternity as quick, accurate and straightforward as possible.

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Prenatal Tests

Prenatal tests include a range of DNA tests carried out at different stages of your pregnancy. The Genetic testing laboratories offers prenatal DNA tests aimed at giving you information about your baby’s health, paternity or gender.

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Relationship Tests

A relationship DNA test can be used to confirm or exclude the biological relationship between alleged relatives. This type of test can be used to indirectly establish the parentage (for example the paternity) of a child.

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