Chain of Custody DNA Banking

For chain of custody DNA banking, we provide a sample collection kit to collect your DNA. Individuals need have a sampler collect the DNA samples and a strict chain of custody will need to be followed. The chain of custody will ensure the DNA sample meets all legal and court requirement should it be needed at a later date.

Once the laboratory has your sample, it will ensure that the sample contains enough DNA for analysis and that the sample would be suited for DNA analysis at a later stage. We will then proceed to store it in the right conditions and in a secure lab environment.

You will receive a banking certificate which will detail those individuals you personally want to have access to your genetic information. No one will have access to this personal data except for our client and anyone they authorize to do so. Your sample is stored for 15 years. The cost for chain of custody DNA banking is of £119.

Chain of Custody DNA Banking and DNA profiling

With our chain of custody DNA banking and profiling service you will get:

DNA sample viability and DNA sample storage at a high security facility. This includes your banking certificate highlighting the storage period and names of people you authorize to have access to the sample.

You will also receive a 16 genetic marker profile extracted from your DNA sample of which you will receive a hard copy.

Note that samples will need to be collected by a third party sampler. This is to ensure that DNA samples are collected in the manner required by courts of law and that results will be accepted by a judge should the need ever arise.

The cost for this service is of £229.

Why DNA Storage?

  • To protect against future false claims of inheritance (a growing white collar crime).
  • Provide information contained in your genetic makeup which could help identify predictors for certain illnesses such as heart disease or even cancers.
  • Access to your genetic data by your children and grandchildren could one day provide key information that the medical community can use to help eliminate or predict certain conditions and illnesses.
  • In the unfortunate case of a missing loved one, your genetic profile can be used with your or your authorized family member’s permission to assist in the recovery.

Only need a DNA profile

DNA banking is a service where we store your DNA sample, ensuring that it is usable for 15 years. If you wish to have your DNA profile extracted for peace of mind or legal purposes, we can offer a DNA fingerprinting service whereby we analyze your DNA, extract a homeDNAdirect genetic marker profile and send it to you – we do not store your profile. More information about DNA profiling can be found here.


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