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All-In-One DNA Health Pack

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Your genes hold the key to improved health and fitness. homeDNAdirect's all-in-one DNA health pack can help you gain detailed insight about your ancestral history, disease predisposition risk, hidden talents, nutritional responses, skincare needs and physical performance. This health pack offers you an easy and cost-effective method to carry out a number of genetic tests using only a cheek-swab sample, saving you both time and money! What are you waiting for? Order your health kit pack today.

SkinCareDNA Test

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If someone told you that you could combat or even prevent the visible signs of ageing with a simple saliva sample, would you believe them? Well you should because this is true – a simple saliva sample could provide scientific solutions to the problem of ageing.

DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test

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Dreading the scales? Tired of dieting and getting nowhere? The DNA Diet and Health Weight Test can help you understand why you can’t keep off those extra pounds, providing you the personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations you need to get your weight to budge – and keep it off. Using this DNA test for your weight management can help you lose more weight! Contact us today.


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