Understanding a twin DNA test

Identical twins result when a single sperm cell fertilizes a single ovum and the egg then splits into 2, forming 2 separate embryos which are genetically carbon copies of each other. Non Identical twins result when two ova are fertilized independently by 2 independent sperm cells forming 2 embryos with different genetic makeups. Non identical twins are genetically no different to normal siblings.

Our twin DNA test can confirm whether the DNA profiles of the test participants are identical (proving they are identical twins) or whether their DNA profiles are different (proving they are non-identical twins).

Collect samples from your twins

Our home kit will enable you to collect DNA samples using simple to use mouth swabs. You will need to swab both twins by rubbing the swabs gently against the lining of the mouth, mainly against the inner cheek and under the tongue. Once you have swabbed them, you need to allow the swabs to dry and send them back for testing.

Why do a twin test?

  • Because looking at resemblance and the physical characteristics between twins is not always a clear way of knowing if twins are monozygotic or dizygotic.
  • Identical twins will have the same blood groups; they can donate blood to each other or even organs.
  • Identical twins make suitable organ donors for each other with the changes of organ rejection dramatically reduced.

homeDNAdirect has surprised countless parents who thought their twins were either identical or fraternal but found out otherwise thanks to twin DNA testing.  The cost of our Twin DNA test for 2 people is £119. Multiple siblings can be added to the test at an extra cost.

If you wish to discuss your case, then kindly contact our technical support team? Our attentive and highly trained team will settle every query and guide you to the most appropriate test.