DNA Paternity Testing in the UK

homeDNAdirect™ is your British DNA testing company that offers you a wide range of DNA testing and paternity testing for both legal and peace of mind purposes. We keep prices low to make things totally affordable for you without losing on the highest standards. Our home paternity test starts from just £99 – and what you see if what you pay (no hidden costs). All our DNA tests are processed by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory using the latest technology in the field. We also test 21 genetic markers to ensure your results are totally accurate whilst other companies just test 16. If you are concerned about waiting for your results, homeDNAdirect offers very tight result time frames as well as express testing options. All this is coupled with an excellent customer experience – all you need for a total worry-free DNA testing experience! For your total convenience, we also offer home DNA sample collection service through our network of approved and fully trained samplers (there is an additional charge for this service).


Order test kit

Collect & send samples

Receive your results


Tighter result turnaround times means a shorter wait for your DNA test results. The less time you wait, the less you stress and the faster you can move on.


Accurate results mean finding closure with total peace of mind. Testing laboratories are ISO17025 accredited which is the gold standard in DNA testing accreditation.


homeDNAdirect unfalteringly ensures the strictest client confidentiality and privacy. We know what confidentiality is all about and what it means to you.

Placing your order

It’s a walk through the park! Our personalized approach has been perfected so that from the moment of order until you receive your results there are no glitches or complications. Your paternity testing kit will be sent to your chosen address. We can provide our kit for DNA testing in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and London, as well as any other place within the United Kingdom. The sample collection is a doddle – just 5 basic steps and it’s all done and dusted, ready for our laboratories to analyses.  DNA sample collection is elementary because we use mouth swabs that are the easiest thing to use and moreover, totally pain-free. Mouth swabs are an excellent source of DNA as millions of loose cheek cells can be found inside your mouth; these cells easily adhere to the cotton end of the buccal swab. For more information on how simple it is to collect your samples, visit our sample collection guide.

An Answer to all your questions

homeDNAdirect also specializes in clinical testing, health testing, animal DNA testing as well as DNA relationship testing that covers a comprehensive range of familial relationships including siblingship, uncle/aunt and grandparentage test to answer all your burning relationship questions. These tests start from as little as £249 and can be used when parentage needs to be established but an alleged parent such as the father is not available for testing.  To view our complete range of services views the DNA tests available. Most of our test use mouth swabs but if you are unable to have mouth swab samples, you can perform the DNA analysis through a wide range of alternative DNA samples including hair, blood and semen –see discreet samples. Note: We take the UK Human Tissue Act very seriously and require appropriate consent for analysis of DNA samples.