What will results of a siblings test show?

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known mother to provide stronger results.

Sibling tests are not as straightforward as paternity testing because the amount of shared genetic markers between siblings will not be as high as in between a father and a child. DNA tests are based on the comparison of the genetic profiles to determine the level of similarity and hence the probability of two or more people being related.

DNA testing for siblings will tell you whether two or more people are likely to be:

  • Full Siblings: in this case they share both biological parents.
  • Half siblings: in this case the siblings share only one of their parents.
  • No siblings at all: the individuals tested have no parent in common.

A siblings test will provide you with stronger results when a known parent is available for testing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about testing between brothers and sisters.

We offer our siblings test starting from as little as £199. The cost may change depending on the type of test selected, the number of persons to be tested and the location of the parties involved (if we are required to send additional kits). Results are ready in 5-7 working days.

Collection samples for your siblings DNA test

The answers you need are just a stone’s throw away. We make things quick and simple for you by working within strict time frames and procedures.

  1. Order your test
  2. Receive your kit
  3. Collect and return your samples
  4. Get your results

The samples needed for analysis are collected in just a few seconds with the mouth swabs which are included inside your kit. Painless and quick, these swabs need to be rubbed inside the mouth for a few seconds and then sent back to us for testing. Once in the laboratory, scientists will analyze the check swabs attached to the swabs.

Same sex siblings DNA testing

A siblings DNA test is used in cases where test participants for the same test are male and female (we have brothers and sisters taking part in the test). If the test is strictly taking place between individuals of the same sex, only males or only females, we have some better options below.

We are brothers. What test do you recommend?

If you are brothers who wish to know if you have the same father, a Y chromosome test is the quickest and most accurate was of getting your answers. This test will pin point whether the males tested share a common paternal line – the results leave no room for interpretation. If tested males have the same Y chromosome profile, they share the same paternal line.

We are sisters. What test do u recommended?

The X chromosome test is done between females who wish to establish whether they have the same father. The test is very accurate but its accuracy all depends on whether the females tested have the same mother or not. Refer to our X chromosome testing page for more information.

We just want to know if we share a common maternal line

If you are siblings and want to know if you share a common maternal ancestor (a mother, grandmother etc) you can carry out a mitochondrial DNA test. This test is very accurate and can be carried out even between sisters and brothers.