Why do people use DNA profiles?

People use DNA profiles for various reasons. Most of us are aware of just how unique their DNA profile is; it is by far more accurate than any other identification document we may have. This means that often the results of this test are used by people as a proof of identity.

Sometimes people in certain jobs might even chose to do this test in order to have a genetic record of themselves. We have had clients, who concerned about the nature of their high risk jobs, have opted to have their genetic blue print stored, just on case they should ever be involved in a work-related accident. Some professions that are considered high risk include jobs in the military or even construction workers in high rise buildings. Such people may have a particular interest in our genetic fingerprinting services.

How much is the test?

Our DNA profile can be bought for as little as £99. Results for a DNA profile are ready in only 3-5 working days. To be noted that we offer a turnaround time starting from the moment we get samples at our laboratory. You will receive a notification email with your due date as soon as we receive your samples.

Legal DNA profiling

If you need a DNA profile result that will be accepted by legal entities (such as lawyers or notaries) or to be presented in court, we definitely suggest using a legally validated DNA profile (the results of which are notarized by a public notary at the laboratories). In order to have a court admissible DNA test results, the sample collection must be carried out and witnessed by any person independent to the test who must account for all samples collected, declaring in writing the identity of each sample and each person.

Our legal DNA profiling service starts at £199.

Results for a legal DNA test will also be ready in 3-5 working days.

Collecting DNA samples

Our home kit is the easiest way to collect DNA samples. It is used for both standard DNA profiles and legal DNA profiles. Sample collection is by means of oral swabs. Following the instructions inside our kit, you will yourself be able to collect the DNA samples. Proceed with one of the below options.


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