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DNA Banking

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Want to ensure your genetic information is kept safe and ready for future use? homeDNAdirect offers DNA Banking service starting at just £119 per sample stored. DNA Banking is essentially securely storing a sample of your DNA in the laboratory with the option of having your 16 genetic marker DNA profile extracted as an additional service. Samples and profiles can be accessed for 15 years.

Genetic Counselling Services

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homeDNAdirect's genetic counselling service is ideal if you wish to discuss your results with a trained healthcare professional in the field of genetics.

Forensic Services

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Genetic testing technology enables us to offer forensic testing services using a wide range of DNA sources. We understand that it may not always be possible to obtain the DNA sample using oral swabs (For example, in cases where the alleged father is deceased or unavailable for the test).

Semen Detection Testing

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Are you suspicious about a particular stain? For your peace of mind, our laboratory is here to assist in confirming or dispelling your suspicions. Order our semen detection test today!

Genetic Fingerprinting
& DNA Profiles

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homeDNAdirect UK is a leading company in the field of DNA testing. We offer DNA profiling services for both legal and peace of mind purposes.The cost of our standard DNA profile is of £99 for the testing of one person. This costs includes the sample collection kit, the analysis of your samples in an ISO 170 25 accredited laboratory and your DNA profile which is sent by email.

Disaster Victim Identification


The DVIstat™ tissue extraction device is a practical tool for securing tissue samples from cadavers in mass fatality incidents while simultaneously securing an active Radio-Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) to facilitate electronic control of all subsequent movements and location in a mass interment situation.


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