Baby gender tests are a well-established and scientific approach toward determining the gender of your child. You can easily carry out the boy or girl test nowadays and moreover, the sample needed is extremely simple to collect.

Baby Gender Test: Know the Sex of your Baby

In layman’s terms our sex is determined as follows:

You must remember that we inherit half our genetic material from each of our parents. Our father has an XY chromosome pair and our mother has an XX chromosome pair. There are thus only two possible combinations that can occur:

  • An X chromosome from the mother pairs up with an X chromosome from the father; in such a case, the child will be female
  • An X chromosome from the mother pairs up with an Y chromosome from the father; in such a case, the child will be male

All that is needed for the baby gender prediction test is a sample of the mother’s blood. Her blood will undoubtedly carry traces of the blood of the child she is carrying. Often a baby gender test kit is provided. If the child is male, analysts will of course find the Y chromosome in her blood and conclude she is expecting a male. The sample is normally collect via a prick on the tip of the mother’s finger and then a drop of blood collected on a piece of paper provided suited to these kinds of tests. A baby gender test is not a DNA test.

Baby Gender Test: Issues

There are instances when doing this type of test may not be recommended; not because it can be of any kind of danger to the mother or child but for some rather obvious reasons that can inhibit the analysis from giving you a correct result. For example, if you have had a bone marrow transplant from a male donor it is clear that you will have male blood carrying the XY chromosome and thus, the test will likely conclude your are carrying a male child even if the child is actually female. Blood transfusions can also hinder accurate or rather correct results. Miscarriages that have occurred within a certain time frame from the current pregnancy means that mother may still be carrying cells from the miscarried fetus in her blood and these cells can affect the result.

Results will be ready in just 5-7 working days. Baby gender tests are worth taking into consideration as it can really aid in proper and thorough planning for the arrival of the baby.


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