The price of a DNA Paternity test can differ greatly from one company to another and also depends on the type of test chosen. Most DNA testing providers offer two or more options, namely:

• Home paternity test for peace of mind (sample collection is done at home using a self sampling kit).

• Legal paternity test (samples must be collected and verified by a neutral third party such as a registered GP).

• Immigration paternity test (sample collection is arranged through the embassy or collection point overseas and performed by a GP or medical professional in the UK) Click here for more information.

It is important to note that relationship DNA testing is not covered by the NHS so some cost will be incurred. Even though it is not offered free on the NHS, it may still be necessary to proceed. Once you have decided to go ahead with your test you will have to choose a provider. It is important to use a company that offers a high standard of testing as well as an efficient customer service. This can be a stressful time so it is important that you are able to speak to someone to get the support and guidance for the entire process that you require.

Before deciding which company to buy from, be sure to ask about:

• Cost – Are there any hidden costs? Are there additional fees? Always expect to pay more for a legal or immigration DNA test than a home paternity test. It is a good idea to make sure that the kit and test result is included in the price.

• Accreditation – It is important that testing is performed in an accredited laboratory. Look out for a high standard that is directly related to scientific laboratory capabilities such as ISO 17025.

• Service – How long does it take for the DNA samples to be analysed? Ask how long it will take for the results to be ready. It is vital that you are able to reach to company easily and that your emails or calls are answered promptly. This will provide you with reassurance and is a sign of the company’s professional approach to dealing with their customers.

Buying your paternity test

After choosing a suitable genetic testing provider one can place their order, normally this is done over the phone or online through the company’s website. At this point it should be specified whether or not the mother will be participating in the test by supplying her DNA swab sample along with the alleged father and child. Where available, it is always beneficial to include the mothers sample in the analysis as it can help to strengthen the paternity result.

If you are unsure about anything when placing your order it is important that you contact the company and ask for advice. There should be an experienced staff member available to help and clarify any doubts you may have.


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