You will not be able to get a free paternity DNA test on the NHS (National Health Service). However, do not think that DNA testing is exorbitantly expensive nowadays. In fact, changes and new methods in DNA testing methodology as well as the huge demand and awareness of the uses and reliability of DNA tests means that prices have been driven down.

Is there any way of getting a free Paternity Test?

Research on the net will not yield a lot of results for the search “free paternity testing” but essentially, nobody is giving free DNA tests no matter what your circumstances are. If we had to discuss the cost of a paternity test you can easily find companies offering the test for less than £150. If the lab used has ISO accreditation than you are on the right track as this is a very important issue with DNA testing. It will ensure that your DNA test results are accurate and reliable.

For social cases, the Child Support Agency can give you more information on free faternity testing.

Rather than a free paternity test some companies will give you a free DNA testing kit. In some cases, they may send the kit to you without even taking a deposit. This is not too unusual. On the whole, however, the norm is that the client pays and immediately after the DNA test kit is send to the address that the person interested in the test specifies.

You must remember that companies have administration fees and postage fees so sending out their free DNA test kit is very much at their privacy.

Whilst you might not be able to get a free paternity test, some companies give flexible payment options. They might not expect you to pay for the test all at once. So for example, they might take a deposit and send out the kit and then once your samples are at their labs, they will call you up and ask for the remainder of the payment. Typically, DNA testing will not commence unless the payment has been made. If you pay a deposit for the test, get you kit and return the samples to the lab, this buys you time to get the money you need to pay for the test. You might also get a discount.

So whilst free paternity DNA testing is not anything anyone is going to be offering you, you can discuss with the company to see how to alleviate the burden of payment if you are on the breadline.


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