Over the counter DNA testing kits have been available for a while in the US and have recently hit the shelves in UK’s Boots. There of course, online DNA testing companies offering the same thing but obviously the kit is sent via post.

For some, actually walking into a pharmacy and picking up the kit is far simpler than buying online- especially for those who do not have access to the net or have the internet know-how to go about things online. Moreover, those people who have been contemplating the test, might decide to go ahead, make their way to the pharmacy and pay the 30£; even on the spur of the moment, whilst at the pharmacy buying vitamins or paracetamol, they might simply decide to also pick up an OTC paternity test kit once they are there.

With online paternity testing, you get full customer support before purchasing your kit; in some cases, people may think they need a paternity test but perhaps actually need some other type of DNA test they may not even be aware of. It might help to actually discuss the case before going ahead with the test with an online DNA testing company.

In terms of cost, the online or over the counter paternity tests are about the same. For those who are perhaps strapped with time or travelling, online DNA paternity tests have the advantage of being flexible- you can receive you kit when you and at the address you wish it to arrive. Depending on your circumstances, to each his own- whether the OTC DNA test kit or the online paternity test, your specific needs and preferences will help you decide which is best for you.


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