Your DNA paternity test kit is an integral part of your DNA testing experience. Most companies doing DNA tests in fact provide kits which are a great way of making the DNA testing easier and more efficient.

homeDNAdirect UK have capitalized on their experience within the field of DNA testing and created very user friendly paternity test kit which contain the following:

  • 4 buccal swabs for every person participating in the test are included in the DNA test kit.
  • Consent forms which need to be filled in; consent forms requires some basic information on everyone taking part in the test as well as signatures to give consent for their DNA samples to be used for UK DNA testing. Related to this issue, you may want to read up about the Human Tissue Act.
  • A simple instruction booklet guiding you through the steps to take to collect your DNA samples correctly.

Collecting samples is extremely simple and basically involves rubbing the mouth swab inside the mouth for around 20 seconds or so and then leaving these swabs to dry before placing back into their envelopes and sending them off for laboratory analysis. Paternal DNA testing is extremely accurate and results will be at you in a very short time depending on the company chosen to do your test.

There are of course a few basic precautions which are again provided in the paternity test kit instructions which you also need to follow such as not eating or smoking before the test. Mouth swabs are however, so easy to use and are moreover great because they are painless- children and babies will feel absolutely nothing. This is very different to for example, trying to get a blood draw from a child as most children are petrified of needles.

The DNA paternity test kit can easily be delivered to anywhere in the UK. The kits are usually prepared for alleged father, one child and the mother. The mother’s DNA samples are not indispensable to the test but can really help provide stronger or more accurate results. Generally, one can say that the mothers DNA samples are not necessary for the test and most tests are in fact carried out between just alleged father and child. More information about paternity testing here.

Once you send in the paternity test kit, you will of course not be getting the swabs back. It is always recommended that you use all 4 swabs per person provided in the DNA kit. Sometimes, it can happened that the first swab tested may not provide sufficient DNA and thus, it is better for labs to have another swab they can easily use rather than have to contact the client to re-send another swab.

The DNA paternity test kit is great because it allows you to collect samples in the comfort of your home and swabbing can also been done for different people at different times.


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