At home paternity testing has, for the past few years, become possible and is also becoming the preferred option.  With the many advances in the field of DNA testing with the most modern technology, testing at home has become a possibility, if not the best solution in most cases.   This at home paternity test is the most valid and accurate test that answers the question of paternity.

Simplicity in execution of test

An at home paternity test can be done in a few simple and easy to follow steps.

An at home is so easy to do that there is no need for any medical professional in order to complete it.  It is normal that you might be concerned that collecting the sample collection is not and that making a mistake or not following the samples correctly might result in obtaining the wrong result.  It is so simple to do that it is quite impossible to do incorrectly.  There is nothing that can alter or falsify your results.  Inside a testing kit you are normally provided with 2 oral swabs per person.  These  are packed in separate coloured envelope.  You are normally provided with a step by step guide and a self addressed envelope to send the samples back to the lab for testing.

Privacy and Confidentiality

An at home DNA test means that you can do it in absolute privacy and confidentiality,

With the at home testing kit, samples are collected in the privacy of your own home.  Modern technology has given you the possibility of obtaining precise result through simple saliva samples.  The samples are collected by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.  This means that you can do it in absolute privacy and can completely avoid and kind of embarrassing situation.  When carrying out an a DNA test through a reputable testing company, you can put your mind at rest that you will be looked after throughout the whole process as most companies give you a high quality customer care service.

Great Price!

Carrying out a DNA test at home means, saving money as most companies are able to offer great prices.

An at home DNA paternity test has the ability of being much more affordable as there is no need for any clinic costs or expensive medical visits.  In a time when DNA testing was only available through local medical structures prices were very high compared to today.  These tests were only available in hospitals and clinics.  Now they can be done in the comfort of your own home.

International High Standards in your own home

At home DNA testing gives you the possibility of tapping into international high standards without leaving home.

In many countries, it is not possible to access high standard DNA testing as in others.  There are only very few laboratories in the world that offer high quality testing with an ISO17025 accreditation.  These laboratories assure that all rigorous procedures are followed in order to provide you with the most accurate and conclusive result.  The high level of organization and control ensures that all the required attention has been put into your test.

DNA testing is available is ever corner of the globe

There no longer are any boundaries or limitations with DNA testing.  With the simplicity of the at home DNA testing kit, you can practically test anyone in any part of the world.

A good quality DNA testing company would offer you the possibility to carry out DNA testing in any part of the globe, offering client assistance in different languages.   If one of the participants lives in a foreign country and speaks another language, a test can still be carried out.  Whether the testing company has an office in that particular country or not, an at home DNA testing kit can be sent out to the individual while another is sent to you.  The testing company will look after organizing that sample collection and having them tested together in the lab.

We have nowadays reached a new era for DNA testing where it not only for the selected few, but it’s also available to all persons at an affordable price and from the comfort of their own home.


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