DNA Testing is now the most common method used nowadays to confirm biological relationships. The most common and widely used is the DNA Paternity Test to confirm the relationship between an alleged father and a child. The cost of the DNA test can vary widely depending on a number of factors which are analysed below.

Quality of the DNA Test

The standard for a paternity test nowadays is to test for a minimum of 21 genetic loci. Theoretically a test which analyses less genetic loci should cost less; however, the cost is relative as it will be at the expense of quality. The cost of the DNA test may also depend on whether the laboratory uses their own ‘home brew’ consumables or else they use validated industry standards such as Promega kits.

Number of Persons Participating

Of course the more people participating in the test, the greater the cost of the DNA Test. In some cases, especially in a Paternity Test, the sample of the Mother is not charged extra if it is included in the testing. However, in general the more people tested, the higher the price of a DNA Test.

Turnaround times for the DNA Test

The quicker you request the results to be issued the more you are likely to pay. The cost of an express DNA test (for example in 24-48 hours), could be sometimes as much as the cost of the DNA test itself.

Country of origin

The markets for DNA Testing in different countries will show marked differences in the cost of a DNA Test. In countries such as the USA where the use of such testing is common and the market is large, the number of competitors plus the economies of scale gained from large volume processing will help to keep the price of a DNA Test low.

Type of DNA Test and sample used

Depending on the test you select, the cost of the DNA test will vary widely. For example a DNA sibling test is normally more expensive than a paternity test due to the additional complexity of the analysis of the test. Same applies for other types of DNA Relationship Tests. In addition, the type of sample you submit will effect the price of the DNA test. If you send in a sample such as hair, and did not use the oral swabs provided by the company, then there will be an additional charge as there is more work involved in obtaining DNA from this type of sample.

Legal vs Standard DNA Test

Whilst the actual accuracy of the result will not vary between a legal vs standard test, there are additional costs and responsibilities involved with the legal DNA test which will increase the price of this test. These may include a more comprehensive kit for the sample collection process, couriering of kits to maintain chain of custody, notarisation by an external third party, setting up of appointments for sample collection etc.

The factors influencing the prices charged for a DNA test will therefore vary according to a number of factors as seen above. The price of the DNA test should therefore be confirmed in advance if you are not sure what the actual cost is going to be.

If you want to discuss any of your DNA Testing requirements we recommend that you contact homeDNAdirect to discuss your case.


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