Alfie Patten, at the tender of age of just 13 and barely 4 foot tall has become a dad. However, doubts later arose and a paternity test was required. This is of course much to the shock but not surprise of many. In February 2009, Alfie’s girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman, 15 years old, gave birth to a healthy boy who was named Maisie Roxanne.

The boy apparently does not know the cost of nappies but was glad to have a baby with his girlfriend.

The situation is not exactly rare in the UK. The number of teenage pregnancies has soured over the past decade. These young people are still not fully developed, at least emotionally, to sustain and be able to look after a child. Alfie Patten has shown his devotion to the child, kissing the baby and cuddling it right after its birth. He seems committed to being a father- the fact remains that he is likely still too young to understand the implications of having a child. Furthermore, his hopes thrown into chaos when two other boys came forward claiming to be the fathers- a paternity DNA test was required.

Maisie Roxanne was conceived after a night of unprotected sex. Alfie was just 12 years old at the time. The couple decided it best to keep the pregnancy a secret but as Chantelle started putting on weight her mother became suspicious and asked her directly whether she was actually pregnant. Having started to suffer from stomach pains and cramps, Alfie and Chatelle decided to visit their doctor. The doctor first established whether the 2 were sexually active together, and then suggested that Chantelle take a pregnancy test- when the test showed a positive result, they decided they would keep the baby.

Chatelle and Maisie moved in with Chantelle’s dad who lives on a council estate in Eastbourne. She has five brothers and her dad is jobless. Alfie visits all the time, spending most of his time with Chatelle in her father’s home looking after his child.

Paternity DNA test and Alfie Patten

Two other boys came forward claiming to have been sleeping with Chantelle round the time she got pregnant. One of the boys is 16 years of age and the other 14. Teenage pregnancies are common and have become worrying- sex education, access to proper health care and contraception can help curb teenage pregnancies.

A DNA paternity test can conclusively determine whether Alfie Patten is the biological father of the child.

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The new twist to the Eastenders drama has got everyone gripped on the “who’s the daddy?” issue. And a DNA paternity test has come solve the problem. The unknown daddy dilemma and paternity disputes are a hugely current concern with many people in today’s society.


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