The new twist to the Eastenders drama has got everyone gripped on the “who’s the daddy?” issue. And a DNA paternity test has come solve the problem. The unknown daddy dilemma and paternity disputes are a hugely current concern with many people in today’s society.

The fact that the demand for paternity tests is so high does not of course signify that there any more infidelity then in days gone by, but rather that people are more open to questioning fatherhood and challenge paternity doubts. The 25-year running British drama, Eastenders, shows a very common scenario; baby Richard and two alleged fathers- Ricky and Jack- and the momentous question: Which one of these two men fathered the child?

The paternity test showed in the series is the typical test used today. Ricky and Jack simply use oral mouth swabs to collect their DNA. They rub the swabs in the inside of their mouth to collect exfoliated cheek cells and saliva and send these off for laboratory analysis.

The Advantages of a Paternity Test with Mouth Swabs?

There are many advantages about doing a paternity test in this way; so much so that it has become the standard way of doing a test nowadays.
• Collecting DNA with mouth swabs is absolutely painless
• It is incredibly simple and people can do this from the ease and comfort of their home
• The laboratory success rate in terms of the chances of successfully extracting DNA is of 95%

Showing how a paternity test is carried out in such a popular TV series has created awareness about this test and how easy it is to carry out. Paternity testing is an accurate and reliable way of ascertaining the paternity of a child.


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