Central to the paternity test is the DNA paternity test kit. Paternity DNA testing is the definitive means of establishing whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child or not. DNA analysis relies on very advanced scientific methodology though of course, different laboratories adopt different standards. .

What is the DNA paternity test kit?

The DNA paternity test kit basically provided you with all you need to collect your DNA samples. Inside the kit you will find:

• Buccal swabs: buccal swabs are cotton ended applicators which just a single end for swabbing. These are contained in their own envelope within the kit.

• Consent forms: you will need to fill in names, surnames, addresses and some other information in your consent form. Very person who has given a DNA sample for the test must sign for that sample on the consent form. Due to the Human Tissue Act, you will not be able to take DNA samples from anyone without their consent.

You will also have a set of instruction on how to collect your samples with the home DNA testing kit.

Why use Saliva?

The answer to this question is simple- saliva is so easy to sample and moreover, painless. The rate of success with saliva is extremely high- in fact around 95% so unless getting hold of this sample is not an option, this is by far the best sample to go for.

The DNA paternity test kit is normally pre-packed with swabs for the mother, father and child. If more people are taking part in the test, it is no problem, further swabs can be added and your kit, including consent forms can be altered so as to accommodate all the people involved in testing.

Paternity test kits can be delivered anywhere in the world and it is also possible to carry out cross border paternity testing- imagine, you want to do a paternity test but the alleged father lives in one country and the child in another- well in such cases, two kits can be sent out to both test participants; once the samples are returned from both parties concerned in the testing, the laboratory analysis can begin.

Once you have collected the samples, it is usually best to send it back by courier or registered post to avoid it getting lost, especially if it is from a country with an unreliable postal service. The DNA paternity test kit is extremely easy to use and should you encounter any problems the company you choose should be very willing to help you.


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