The UK Home Office is responsible for anything related to immigration and passports as well as drug policies. An immigration DNA test is often used in cases of immigration as authorities will need hard evidence of the genetic relationship between individuals. In some cases, this evidence can only be provided with an immigration DNA test which will be explained better further in this article. Originally, the UK Home Office was in charge of prison and probation services but is now overlooked by the Ministry of Justice.

The Home Office is subdivided into different units which are basically as follows:

  • The UK Border Agency (internal/inward immigrations, asylum seekers, visas)
  • Office for Security and Counter terrorism

The Home Office tackles a diversity of issues but amongst those relevant to this article is that the office controls immigration so that there is no abuse of immigration laws. However, it also involved in deterring and preventing crime and in dealing with the very current and worrying issue of terrorism.

With regards specifically to immigration, the UK Home Office will deal specifically with these issues:

  • Permission to work in the UK
  • Permission to stay in the UK
  • Citizenship
  • Refuge and asylum

My Immigration DNA Test in the UK

An immigrationDNA test will be required when a non-UK citizen wishes to join a relative who resides legally in the UK or is a UK citizen as proof that there is a biological relationship between the two people. An immigration DNA test is not a mandatory part of the immigration procedure but is of great help and always recommended. The DNA testing company you choose must have tests which are approved by the Home Office and thus, you must read the website carefully. In order to have laboratories approved by the Office, it is mandatory to have the best DNA testing technology in place and laboratories need to be accredited with accreditations that are internationally recognized such as ISO 170 25. Why not read more about cross border immigration and our immigration DNA test?.

Immigration testing may be any of the following:

  • Paternity testing/ immigration paternity test
  • Maternity immigration testing
  • Immigration DNA testing between Siblings
  • Testing between relatives such as Grandparentage testing and Aunt/uncle DNA tests

The types of tests available are very diverse but of course the more distant the relationship between two or more people the more difficult it may become to genetically prove there is a relationship and thus, the Home Office may have ground to turn down any immigration requests. Given the fact that the many countries do not have organized Public registries and very disorganized and unreliable birth and death records, the UK Home Office may not always accept these documents.

Prior to purchasing any test, it is always advisable to contact the DNA testing company so that they can fully advise you and guide you on the issue.

The Home Office UK is often still called the Home Department and it is relevant that you know that the two refer to the same entity so as to avoid confusion when getting your immigration testing and proceedings in place.


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