Note that the below is just an article about the feline tests available these days through various companies. homeDNAdirect only sells feline PKD testing. Visit this page for more information about our feline test.

There is a growing demand for feline DNA testing. The demand for this test comes from vets, cat lovers, cat breeders and registries. Cat genes and the cat DNA genome have now been mapped which means much can be done to help our feline friends as well as helping breeders produce healthier cats and moreover, create cats with their coats colours that are most in demand.

Can DNA Testing can do the Following:

  • Tell you whether the cat you have is a mixed breed and which genetic mix is involved
  • Tell you the lineage of purebred cats
  • Any underlying genetic problems which could mean the cat may develop certain illnesses
  • Confirm the breed of your cat
  • The coat coloration genes
  • Directly tell you who the mummy or daddy of a cat is

What Diseases can Feline DNA Testing Inform me About?

There are several but here are some of the most prevalent and important ones:

Polycystic Kidney Disease: This disease affects Persian cats and can lead to kidney failure.

Heart disease: mainly, what is known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and usually occurs in middle aged cats.

Knowing your cat is predisposed or carries the gene for a diseases means as a breeder you may want to avoid it from mating as there are chances that its offspring will have the gene and may develop the disease.

How do I Collect Genetic Material for my Cat DNA test?

Collecting DNA from a cat is not difficult. In fact, the DNA testing company will likely send you some form of home kit for you to collect the DNA samples from your cat using a simple oral swab. You can simply rub the swab in the mouth of the cat to collect its DNA. You then simply send these swabs off for laboratory analysis and wait for the result.

Have a heart; perhaps you may get results which you are not too happy about but do not neglect your cat and despise it- the cat has no fault. Feline DNA testing is there to help you and your cat and not to punish the animal.

DNA testing put to good use by interpol

Most of us are animal lovers and get saddened at seeing how ruthless poachers kills animals and continue killing animals that have now become endangered. The illegal ivory trade has been one thing they have been heavily clamping down on and genetic testing has helped them trace back tasks found from dead elephants with their point of origin. Check out our news article about Interpol’s quest.


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