At one point during pregnancy, would-be mothers would be curious on what the sex of their child is. Some may be willing to wait until they have actually delivered the baby, but for most, it’s preferable to know the sex in advance, in order for baby preparations (clothes, room, and décor) to progress. To do this, a mother must know what sex her unborn baby is so she can make the necessary arrangements; this is when a gender prediction calculator comes in.

A lot of sex prediction methods are available medically or through word of mouth (old wives tales). While some of them are more accurate than others, it is advisable to try most of the methods thus gaining a more accurate generalisation of the baby’s sex. In the advent of the Internet the baby gender prediction calculator has also emerged following the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. It is not considered to be in any way scientific and in much like other gender tests like the drano test or the baby gender quiz, they have no true scientific validity.

The baby gender prediction calculator‘s origins come from a chart found in an ancient royal tomb in Beijing, dating back to more or less 700 years, and is speculated to now reside at the Institute of Science in the city.

How does it work?

In order to properly use the baby gender prediction calculator, you will need the age of the conceiving mother and the month of conception, both using the Chinese Lunar Calendar. In order to convert one’s age and month of conception to that of the lunar calendar, an online converter can be used, or if done manually, the following steps are taken:

If the date is within and including January 1 to February 20, the real age or month of conception will be used, but if the date is outside that time range one year is to be added to the mother’s current age or month of conception.

Before the advent of the gender prediction calculator, the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart is used. The possible ages of mothers combined with the month of conception (converted in lunar calendar terms) with a corresponding pink or blue shading (pink for girl and blue for boy). With the prediction calculator, it is easier since the mother only has to input her age and month of conception and the system will convert and analyze this information for them to produce a prediction.

As the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart or Calculator can be used at any time, including before and after a pregnancy, it can also be used to check if the chart had correctly predicted the sex of a mother’s existing children. The accuracy of the chart is 50%.


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