The excitement of determining a baby’s gender is the most thrilling moment of all. Normally, the capacity to learn the baby’s gender, whether a boy or girl is accomplished during the second trimester of pregnancy. In order to accomplish this, a scientific method such as an ultrasound must be carried out to obtain accurate results. The long wait can be very frustrating, and many parents to be prefer resorting to taking baby gender quizzes.

What are the functions of such quizzes?

These gender prediction quizzes are a set of questions that have to be answered wherein an interpretation of results would predict the baby’s gender. The questions involved are most likely, but not limited to, shape of the baby bump, habits, baby heart rate, food that the mother frequently eats and symptoms the expectant mother experiences. The results will be calculated and based on the density of your Yes and No answers, thus giving the baby’s gender. For people who are not seriously set on finding out the sex of their baby, there are many fun at home tests one can do, including for example, the cabbage test or the baby gender calculator.

Where to find these quizzes?

These baby gender quizzes can be found in women’s magazines, pregnancy magazines and internet sites. These quizzes, no matter how they differ in administration bear questions that are common for pregnant women and mostly the same. The only difference is the method of checking the answers, such as magazine administered quizzes have to be manually checked for answers and scores, and are predicted through a rating scale.

The internet based quiz would automatically rate your answers and flash the result. The internet version is much easier to complete but the expectant mum would have to first register by providing some information such as her name and email address. She would also have to avail a free subscription of a pregnancy magazine to be sent to her email address. After all of these are completed, the website will flash the result as to whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Unlike astrology predictions that are religiously followed by faithful believers, the baby gender quizzes are more likely to be for the purpose of fun rather than the expectancy of accurate results. Due to no stable evidence of accuracy, makers of this quiz would normally place a foot note that the quiz is intended for fun. Yet somehow these quizzes would address the stress a mother goes through, wondering if the baby in her womb is a boy or a girl. It would help to bring peace of mind to the expectant mother until such time that a medical diagnosis can be administered for proper accuracy.


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