Private DNA testing is testing done in the ease of your own home with all the privacy and confidentiality you require when doing such tests. The use of private DNA tests has soared over the past decade and it is now the most widespread means of determining paternity.

Private DNA Testing at home

When doing a home paternity DNA test you will be sent a kit. Of course, you do not need to receive this kit at your home address if you would rather not. You can ask for the kit to be sent anywhere you wish- perhaps a friend’s house or the house of a relative. The DNA test kit is anonymous with nothing that would suggest to a person seeing it that its purpose is to carry out a DNA paternity test.

Confidentiality is a central concern for people doing these private DNA tests, they often do not want other people knowing they are carrying out this test. The test kit contains oral swabs; the only bit of paper work you will be required to complete is the consent form inside the kit.

The Consent form and Paternity Testing Privacy

The consent form is a confidential piece of paperwork for your private DNA test. You will find this in the DNA paternity test kit. On it the person requesting the test will need to fill out a few personal details of all the people taking part in the test; signatures will also be required. This consent form has to be sent in with your DNA samples. On the consent form, you will be required to fill in an email address, as part of the whole private DNA testing issue; results will only be sent to the address.

If you decide you want to receive your results at another email address, not the one specified on the consent form, you will need to send a copy of an ID with a request and signature; on this request form, you will need to of course also include the new email address. One final word, private DNA testing is not court admissable.


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