Central to your paternity DNA test is collecting DNA samples; you will be well guided and although collecting DNA sounds like a big, scientific endeavor it actually very simple and straightforward- far from rocket scientist material. Oral swabs are the way to go about sample collection. This sampling method means you can have the quickest and easiest way for carrying out a DNA test- complicated sampling methods are a thing of the past and are now obsolete. 

Collecting DNA samples: Do I need to send Blood?

Definitely not; No DNA testing company will recommend blood as first sample. Blood is no longer used for DNA samples- of course blood can be used, it contains lots and lots of DNA but is rather impractical. You need to go to a doctor, have your vein punctured, blood drawn from it, and then send for testing. If postage is included, blood is not exactly easy to pack and post- basically, sending blood is too laborious- not to mention trying to get a little child to sit for an injection is hell for parents and the child.

So how do I collect the DNA samples for my Paternity Test?

Samples are collect with oral swabs- you might see these referred to as also buccal swabs, pharyngeal swabs or mouth swabs. These are extremely simple to use and also painless; most DNA tests including mitochondrial DNA testing, Y chromosome testing and X chromosome testing rely on DNA extraction using swabs. As the name clearly suggest, they must be applied inside the mouth. Swabs are simply rubbed around the inside of the mouth, under the tongue and around the cheeks. You will receive a home test kit to help you collect samples. If you need to send in samples that are non saliva samples (nails, hair or cigarette ends, to mention a few) for a forensic DNA test you should be advised by the company doing your test.

Once you have collected the samples, you send them off to the lab for testing.

Collecting DNA samples has never been easier. Paternity DNA testing is accurate and the only reliable means of determining paternity.


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