The home paternity test has now become a common practice in the field of DNA Testing. It is now possible to perform a DNA paternity test from the comfort of your home by simply ordering a DNA home paternity test kit. Once your order is placed the kit will be sent to the address provided and you can then proceed to collect your own DNA samples and those of the persons to be tested.

The home paternity test is normally performed through the use of oral mouth swabs that need to be brushed on t he inside of the mouth to collect enough cells to obtain the DNA profile required to the paternity test.  The swabs are very easy and straightforward to use. Inside the kit you will also normally find submission forms you will need to fill in plus envelopes required to store and send back the samples.

The home paternity test has enabled more people to gain access to this type of test to confirm their biological relationship. These tests are now relatively cheap and affordable to obtain; and provide extremely high levels of accuracy in confirm the biological relationship between an alleged father or mother and the child. Results are also available normally within 5 to 7 working days thereby ensuring the whole process is relatively quick.

However, the disadvantages of the home paternity test is that there can be the manipulation of the samples by one of the parties, and since there is no third party witness to verify the collection the results generally cannot be used for legal purposes.


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