Shortly after Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding to Charlene Wittstock, the monarch was accused of fathering a third child out of wedlock. The pomp and glamour of the royal wedding which was rather dampened by this paternity testing episode; a wedding which was compared to the marriage between Prince Rainier III and Hollywood actress Grace Kelly in 1956, over half a century ago.

The wedding took place in the Royal Palace. Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer born in Zimbabwe who had achieved notable fame, walked the aisle in a white silk dress studded with pearls and crystal, designed by famed designer Giorgio Armani. All seemed to have been impeccably organized- an event that was followed on TV by many. The service was, as expected a Roman Catholic one, taking place in the Place du Palais. Rumours had by this time already done the rounds and supposedly, when Charlene Wittstock heard these rumors that claimed her husband to be, Prince Albert, had a secret love-child, she tried leaving and returning back to South Africa. Some claim her passport was confiscated in order to stop her leaving the country; officials have however, rebuffed these accusations. What there seems to be consensus about is that the Prince will need to take a paternity test.

So how is a paternity test carried out?

All that is usually required is a DNA sample from the alleged father and child. In this case, Prince Albert would need to submit his sample and a sample taken from his supposed lovechild. Samples can just be taken using oral swabs which can be rubbed inside the mouth to collect cheek cells. This will suffice for a paternity test although often the mother’s samples are recommended for inclusion as well. Once the labs have extracted the DNA from the cells they can go on to compare the genetic markers between the father and child’s profile- a match between the genetic markers mean that the tested alleged father is the biological father of the child.

Who is the lovechild of Prince Albert?

For the time being, it seems to be just rumors- supposedly, an Italian woman who might take the story to the press. Other sources say the mother of the child is Nicole Coste, an air flight attendant with Air France who had an affair with Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco. The couple had already had a child together which they named Alexandre. Paternity testing results will ensure in the media soon.


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