Paternity rights are a big issue at the moment. Unsurprisingly, most dad’s have paternity rights which they are not aware of, perhaps, because paternity rights have only recently emerged when compared to the whole notion of maternity rights and maternity leave.

Awareness campaigns for paternity rights in the work place have started as surveys showed that many did not even know exactly where they stood on the issue or whether the company they worked for had any system in place regarding the issue of paternity rights.

So what are the paternity rights up to date?

Father’s are entitled to 2 weeks of paid paternity leave. This however, does not mean they get their full salary but rather, the government gives each father requesting such leave the sum of £123.06 a week.

To be entitled to this sum there are certain conditions which have to be met:

• The father must have had a minimum of 26 weeks employment with the employer they are under when requesting the leave.
• The 26 weeks frame must be up to the 15th week before the date on which the baby is due.
• Fathers who are expecting a child must ask for their paternity leave 15 weeks before the baby is expected to be born.
• The father can take up to 13 weeks as he wishes any time between the child’s age of 0-5. However, this leave is unpaid.

Some businesses, advocating the work-life balance have come with systems to help father’s balance their work demands as well as their lives with their children. However, it is then up to father’s to seek and ask about their rights or added benefits to their employer.

Some issues with paternity rights and paternity laws

Being entitles to paternity leave, even though for just 2 weeks is all good. But, for many fathers, receiving a mere £123.06 a week means that they cannot take their leave. It may be possible that in future thing will improve and fathers will get 90% of their salary.

The fact that Paternity rights are not known by all fathers means that many are missing out on valuable rights and precious time with their children.


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