Orson Welles is one of the big names in cinema. He is an American film director who is known for his dramatic and highly original film representations and has also been an actor and producer. His alleged son, Michael Lindsay-Hogg might be doing a DNA test to confirm or quash suspicions that he is the film director’s biological son. Another celebrity DNA testing case which has made the headlines involves the English born actor Jude Law who took a paternity DNA test to see whether Sophia was his biological daughter. The article delves into both paternity cases.

Michael Lindsay Hogg, the son of actress Geraldine Fitzgerald and Sir Edward Lindsay Hogg, may in fact, really be the child of the famous director Orson Welles. Over the years many speculations; people have often pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the Orson and Michael.  Welles’ daughter, Chris Welles Felder has also fed in her suspicions that Michael may be the biological child of Orson and not of Fitzgerald’s husband, Sir Edward. Coming from such a source as Welles’s own daughter has created intensive speculation. Chris has written her autobiography entitled “In my Father’s Shadow” of which title clearly highlights some themes in the book; being overshadowed as a  In this autobiography, Chris Welles Felder wishes a DNA test would be taken to clarify whether Michael is Chris’s father’s son; something which she has always strongly suspected.

Geraldine Fitzgerald, Michael’s biological mother, had an affair with the director Orson Welles during her marriage to Sir Edward Lindsay Hogg.  The Welles family and the Lindsay Hogg families spend a lot of time together and in fact, Chris and Michael were childhood friends.

There can be no certainty regarding the issues of paternity. There are suspicions and none of Welles’ 4 daughters denies the possibility that Michael may be the biological son of Welles. Their father, Orson Welles, died in 1985 of a heart attack so it is unlikely that a paternity DNA test will be carried out post-humous. However, a siblings DNA test between Michael and Chris could establish whether the two share the same father and would therefore, be half siblings.Specifically, it would be a full siblings test, known as an STR test.

Jude Law needs Paternity DNA Test

Jude Law found himself in the middle of a paternity dispute following his affair with the American model Samantha Burke. In 2009, Burke gave birth to a daughter whom she names Sophia. Burke claimed that the English born actor, Jude Law, was the biological father of Sophia. Law harbored doubts regarding the paternity issue and the actor has made his stance clear saying that he wanted a paternity DNA test to prove that he was the child’s father without leaving a shadow of a doubt. Moreover, it has been alleged that the actor slept with the model only once and this, would all the more put into question whether Sophia was his daughter.

A DNA test will confirm with outstanding accuracy whether Jude Law is Sophia’s biological father. A paternity DNA test would give a rate of inclusion of 99.99%. If the tested father, Jude law, is not the biological father of the child, paternity test results will show an exclusion of 100%.


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