We will keep hearing more and more about celebrities doing Paternity DNA tests. Celebrities often share the juicy details about their private, convoluted love lives. Paternity DNA tests are extensively used and re-used to solve paternity disputes in the world of the rich and famous. Kourtney Kardashian and Liz Hurley have all been involved in paternity disputes.

Keeping up with the Kardashians always keep up with the drama. Kourtney has recently given birth to a child who she named Mason Dash Disick. The surname Disick is of course, the child’s biological father’s surname or so Kourtney thought. The child’s alleged father is her long term rather philander boyfriend Scott Disick. This was all fine up until a model, Michael Girgenti, employed by Kourtney for a photo shoot around nine months ago turned up claiming he was the father of the child.  Girgenti claims he and Kourtney had a one night stand after the photo shoot and although they slept together only once he still, nevertheless, wants to know whether the child is his or not. A paternity DNA test solved the issue and Scott Disick was revealed as the biological father of little Mason.

American born developer, Steve Bing, who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars at the age of 18, had a number of famous, beautiful women in his life. Amongst these was Liz Hurley, the British model with strong associations with Estèe Lauder and who acted in Austin Powers along with a handful of other films. In 2001, Hurley’s pregnancy made the tabloids especially when she claimed that Steve Bing was the father of her child. A paternity DNA test solved the paternity suit filed by Bing in England and the billionaire has provided maintenance for the child ever since.

In the same year, Bing was in the midst of another paternity dispute with another co-billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian. Bing was suing Kerkorian because the latter paid someone to take Bing’s used dental floss out of his trash bin. Kerkorian wanted a paternity DNA test for a child he had supposedly fathered with his ex-wife Lisa Bonder. Lisa took Kirk to court as she wanted to receive higher payments in maintenance costs for their child; however, Kirk was plagued by the suspicion that Lisa’s ex-boyfriend, Steve Bing was the biological father of the child. His suspicions were confirmed when a paternity DNA test showed that Bing was the biological father of the child.

Paternity DNA testing is a means to justice and fairness. Many mothers are forced to bring up children without a father and there are often doubts as to who the biological father can be. DNA testing is the solution to such issues. A paternity DNA test is scientific and reliable. Moreover, it is much simpler nowadays as one can choose to use saliva as a medium for extracting DNA.  There is no need for medical blood draws, which can be uncomfortable for adults and traumatic for a child. A paternity DNA test will show a 0% inclusion if the tested father is not the child’s biological father and inclusion of 99.9% of higher if the tested individual is the child’s true biological father.


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