There are many companies nowadays offering cheap paternity tests. Paternity testing is a life changing decision, or at least has the potential to change one’s life and often people seeking such tests may question the price as they want the quality of service to be outstanding and often, as consumers, we are conditioned to think that there is a link between price and quality (which to some extent there is).

Unfortunately the word cheap is somewhat semantically ambiguous. For many, a cheap test, whether a legal paternity test or  an at home paternity test, would signify a test that is of inferior quality, that is not done using the required standard of technology and were the company involved in doing your test may be unreliable and scatter-brained. ‘Cheap’ can also be seen as something that is good or even excellent value for your money.

Moreover, to be able to determine how cheap a paternity DNA test is, one must compare it with the price of other companies of the same caliber. In fact, everything must be seen in context: what competitors are offering locally, how many competitors there are and are they providing anything over and above what others are offering to explain the cost of the test. Subjective perceptions and an individual’s spending power also play very much a part in the notion of cheap.

What makes a Paternity test Cheap?

There are not many points on which a company can compete effectively especially with a paternity DNA test. There is nothing tangible about a service, although quality is an important issue. The price of the paternity test depends on a number of things, amongst which:
• The company’s choice of how low or high to keep their prices
• The processing capacity of the laboratories and whether costs can be reduced on economies of scale
• The standard the company wishes to provide (which is linked to the laboratory testing, the overall customer service offered to clients etc)
• The size of the company and the countries it markets it- who is the company competing with?
Guarantee of Quality for your Test

If you begin to wonder about why the paternity test is cheap, you should bear in mind that price and quality or not directly proportional. A paternity test offered at 500 euro is not necessarily better than one offered at 300 euro. What really should concern anyone seeking a paternity test is the laboratory accreditation. Once the paternity testing company you choose has ISO 17025 accredited laboratories you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money.

Value for paternity testing is not viewed in monetary terms but in terms of customer service and accreditation. When you are considering your cheap paternity DNA test and how reliable this will be, simply look out for the company accreditations and see how prompt and helpful they are in answering your queries.


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