At home paternity testing is probably the most convenient and practical way of doing a paternity test. That is, of course, if you do not need to get the test done for legal purposes.

Perhaps, the terms at home DNA paternity testing is a bit misleading- because ultimately, you will only be required to collect the DNA samples at home. You cannot just sit and wait for your paternity test result at home because a lab has to analyze those samples for you.

You can collect your samples with a DNA test home kit. All DNA testing companies have some kind of a home kit which they send their clients; inside the home paternity test kit there are the oral swabs which are rubbed inside the mouth and then sent back for testing- this put crudely as there are a few steps to follow and paper work to fill in. Overall, it is however, performing a home paternity test is very simple.

In situations when you really need a kit urgently for your home paternity DNA test, you probably have the option of getting the kit couriered to you. Another final option to carry out your home paternity test is to actually purchase your own swabs from a pharmacy. This final option is however, a bit more tedious although it can save time as you will still need to be sent the necessary forms to fill and instructions.

At home paternity testing is accurate and reliable but above all so convenient; allowing for total privacy and confidentiality as required with such tests.


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