It is possible to carry out hair DNA testing. Depending on the test one wishes to carry out, the hair my or may not need the hair follicle. Hair can essentially be cut or naturally shed or actually plucked out of the body. If you wish to do a paternity DNA test or a relationship test and wish to use a forensic sample (a sample that is not the standard saliva sample), cut or naturally shed hair will not do. This is because there is actually no DNA in the actually shaft of the hair. The DNA necessary for these tests is the nuclear DNA. For hair to be used in such tests one needs hair with the root or follicle; such hair are either torn of the body, whilst brushing for example, or plucked. Hair DNA testing is generally quite successful. If the hair does not have the follicle it can still be used because it contains what is known as mitochondrial DNA; however, this type of DNA is useful only for determining maternal lineage.

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