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Edinburgh is the second biggest city in Scotland as well as its capital; the first being Glasgow. The population of Edinburgh is 477, 600 whilst that of Glasgow is 588, 280. The city has very much to offer from just about any aspect; for those seeking culture, the fact that the old town and new town districts have been declared world heritage sites by UNESCO spells out the historical appeal this city boasts. After London, Edinburgh is the city that is most visited by tourists.

The first settlers of Edinburgh arrived several thousand of years back; several remains have been found dating back to the Bronze Age and later the Romans. The medieval town of Edinburgh makes a breath-taking walk which is truly suggestive of those times. Limited space meant that the only way to accommodate all its inhabitants was by building up and walking one notes the impressive height of these 16th century buildings.

There are many museums to visit including the Museum of Scotland which delves into the people and culture of Scotland. The national war museum is also worth a visit. Literature and philosophy abound in this city and some of the greatest names in literature where Scottish or found inspiration here; Bowell, Conan Doyle and Rowling are just the tip of the iceberg of literary names.

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