homeDNAdirect offers DNA Testing services in Scotland. Its full range of DNA tests, including DNA paternity tests and relationship DNA tests, can be provided in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Scotland, a country of ancient history that has tumbled through history evolving into the Scotland we know today; from prehistory to the Romans, the medieval and the modern, the 18th 19th and the 2othe centuries to the Scotland we see today- a Scotland that is heavily peppered with its history in every corner. Scotland still has a head of state- The Queen of England, although much controversy has arisen resulting in court cases- Elizabeth I had never been queen of Scotland, and thus, it was argued that Elizabeth II could not style herself by that name in Scotland.
For the culture vultures there is so much to see and do: Glasgow Cathedral, Callanish standing stones, Loch Ness, countless museums and the list goes on and on.

Scotland breathtaking landscape offers ample for the avid walker and hiker, or simply to those seeking inspiration. Scotland offers mountains, lakes and rivers and unbridled natural landscaped that are unique to this country.

homeDNAdirect can offers its services in Scotland. DNA testing in Glasgow and DNA testing in Edinburgh are offered as well as DNA paternity testing services anywhere in the country. For more information about paternity tests or DNA testing in Scotland contact homeDNAdirect UK.


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