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Newcastle is located in the North-east of England and situated on the South bank of the river Tyne. The river played an important part of the development of the city especially in its period as a ship building centre. Prior to developing the shipbuilding industry, Newcastle was a centre for wool production. Later, during the industrial revolution, the city thrived on coal mining. The city is ranked as the 37th in terms of population size with around 237,000 inhabitants.

The first settlements to be found, giving us an indication of the origins of this city, are roman. Hadrian’s Wall can still be seen in some parts of Newcastle. Later, in the middle ages, Newcastle provided defense for the northern territory and today, visitors can see many of these battlement towers and fortresses including Newcastle castle.

The people from Newcastle speak a dialect known as Geordie and this dialect has much of its vocabulary which originates from the Saxon languages. Newcastle has a reputation as a party city and like many other cities in the UK it has much to offer to those who like the performing arts. There are also museums that house important works of arts by some of the greatest names in art.

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