homeDNAdirect UK offers its services across the UK and can provide its DNA paternity testing services in London. We offer both legal paternity testing and peace of mind paternity testing (at home paternity testing).

London is the capital of England and the major financial and business city in the UK. On a global scale, London is also one of the 4 biggest financial capitals along with Paris and New York. London was first founded by the Romans and in fact Roman remains can be found in various parts on London. Today London is the most cosmopolitan city in Europe boasting a hugs diversity of cultures bringing with them their languages and religions; this makes London a colorful and characteristically multiracial city. The city of London without its suburbs has a population of 7.5 million.

Besides the diversity of cultures, London also has a huge variety of architectural styles peppered across the various areas of this city.  The buildings do however, share one common architectural feature- like most European cities, building tend be low. There are however, a hand full of high rises which have been built in the 80s and 90s which tower over all other buildings and are also characteristic landmarks of the city.

London is jam-packed with things to see and do; historically, it is full of spectacular palaces, Buckingham Palace, museums, the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert and castles such as the Tower of London. Entertainment is also huge and ranges from an incredible world-first theater and performing arts scene to fine dining to clubbing. The city is also known for its parks which include Hyde Park and Regent Park.

homeDNAdirect UK is an international supplier of DNA testing services. We can efficiently provide Legal DNA paternity testing or peace of mind testing in London. For more information on DNA paternity testing in London you may Contact Usdirectly or visit our page on paternity testing.


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