homeDNAdirect UK offers its services across the country and can efficiently provide you with DNA paternity testing in Leeds. The company offers two types of paternity tests: the legal paternity tests and the peace of mind paternity tests.

Leeds is divided into Leeds city region, with the city of Leeds at its core. The population of the city of Leeds is of 443, 247 inhabitants. The city is only second to London as a financial, business and legal centre; it is moreover, the most rapidly growing city in the UK. Climate-wise, it enjoys a very balanced climate with 4 very distinct seasons. It occasionally snows in winter but Leeds has rather mild summers, rarely exceeding 21°C.

Leeds history goes back 1500 years and was originally covered by the lush forest of Loidis which gives origin to the present name of the city. As the centuries went by it gained major importance in the 17th and 18th centuries in which it became one of the largest wool-producing centers in Britain. Today, the focus of the economy of Leeds is on the service industry with manufacturing as the second biggest but this being much smaller. Within the Borough of Yorkshire, Leeds is the main shopping centre. It also has huge office buildings extended over vast areas. The city provides visitors with a lot of things to see and do. There are several museums; these include the Abbey House Museum and the Leeds City Museum.  There is also the Phoenix Theatre and the Grand theatre for those having interests in music and the performing arts. Leeds is also known for its night life- it has a large student population and has thus, a number of clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants.

homeDNAdirect UK is an international supplier of DNA testing services. We offer sibling DNA testing and grandparents DNA testing amongst a range of other tests. We can efficiently provide DNA paternity testing in Leeds. For more information on DNA paternity testing in Leeds you may Contact Us directly or visit our page on paternity testing.


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