homeDNAdirect specializes in DNA paternity tests across the UK including Liverpool. With almost 8 years of experience in the field homeDNAdirect is confident that it can provide outstanding services anywhere in the UK.

homeDNAdirect UK also offers a range of relationship DNA tests including grandparents DNA testing and sibling DNA testing.

Liverpool is the fourth most populated city in the UK; the first being London, followed by Birmingham and Manchester. The population currently stands at just over 900,000 inhabitants. The city is, of course, most renowned for the musical band The Beatles and moreover, Liverpool is also the port of registry of the Titanic, the ship the tragically sunk in 1911. Liverpool is also a pioneer city when it comes to modes of transport especially rails; steamships, ferries and railways where all developed Liverpool. The oldest black community in the entire UK are also to be found in the city, which has moreover, been described as one of the nicest cities in the UK.

You can get either a legal paternity test or an at-home DNA paternity test in Liverpool. Home paternity testing is done for peace of mind reasons and has no legal validity. Contact Us to discuss your test.


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