Semen Detection Testing

Semen detection testing is often carried out in cases of suspected infidelity. homeDNAdirect offers accurate and reliable semen detection services starting at £90. Our test will confirm with absolute certainty whether the sample sent contains semen or not. Results are ready in just 10 working days from the moment we receive your sample. We can test a range of samples including bed linen, underwear, items of clothing and many more*.

Note: This test does not require a kit. Once we confirm your order, you will be sent a confirmation email with a form attached. The form needs to printed, filled out and returned with your sample. Ensure to place the sample to be tested in a paper envelope. If you plan sending in more than 1 sample, contact us for a quote.

Results of a Semen Detection Test

Results for the test will confirm whether the item you have sent in tests positively or negatively for semen.

This test is a laboratory based test. Our test is different from home testing semen detection kits. These are just presumptive tests and could mislead into thinking there is semen present but the test would in reality have given you a wrong result (what is referred to as a “false positive”). Our laboratory tests use much more advanced methods to confirm the presence of semen. In fact, 3 different types of tests are carried out simultaneously on the semen sample to ensure total accuracy.

Home semen detection tests are only reliable if the result is negative for the presence of semen.

Semen Detection Testing vs Infidelity DNA Testing

It is important to note that a semen detection test is not a DNA test; it will not confirm whether DNA is present or whether any DNA in the sample is usable for comparison. Human semen contains a protein known as acid phosphatase. The semen detection test we offer uses advanced dying and testing methods to establish whether this protein specifically found in semen is present in the sample our client has sent us. Clients can also opt for our infidelity DNA testing service. In this case, we can use the sample provided for the semen detection test, extract a DNA profile and compare this profile to another DNA profile from another sample – this comparison sample will need to be collected by means of buccal mouth swabs. We can then determine whether the two samples belong to the same male individual or to different individuals. Click here for more information about infidelity DNA testing.

It is important to keep in mind that we will first need to carry out a DNA verification test on the sample used for the semen detection test – not all semen samples contain DNA or enough/viable DNA for a comparison test.

NOTE: An infidelity DNA test using semen samples takes an extra 13 working days in addition to the 10 days required for the semen detection test.

The results will not be court admissible as samples for this test are not collected following required sampling and identification procedures used in legal cases.

*we always advise our clients to call us to discuss any type of sample they are sending in. If samples are very old or very small, we may not be able to provide you with a result.

The Human Tissue Act

It is important to be aware that in the UK the Human Tissue Act regulates the collection and analysis of any human tissue. This includes any stain of biological material not matter how small. In order to send a sample for analysis, the person or donor of that sample must give their consent in writing in order for us to test their sample. Furthermore, in order to be fully compliant with the Human Tissue Act, the donor of the sample must also be made aware of how their DNA sample will be used. used. Failure to comply with the Human Tissue Act is a criminal offence.

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