The most important benefit of discreet DNA testing it that it can be done in secret of the intended person.  Many of you watch TV shows in which DNA testing present and already have an idea of how this could work. You already know that there are a variety of samples or items that could possibly contain the DNA of the person.  This is true however one must realize the importance that certain factors need to be taken into consideration, as it’s not always so simple.

For what main reason is the discreet DNA testing used for.

The most appropriate case for discreet DNA testing is when a child is under age but already of age to understand the DNA test is being done.  Utilizing a swab to collect his DNA sample would obviously raise questions.  Many parents think it’s appropriate the first to receive the results themselves and then communicated to the child only when they believe it’s worth or even appropriate.  Discrete DNA testing done with one of the discrete sampler allows the parents to achieve this.

Hair testing truth or myth.

Many people seem to believe that by cutting a strand of hair or by plucking a single hair it is possible to obtain all the important DNA information required to determine the paternity.   The truth is that the hair itself does not contain the DNA, it is in the actual root that it is found.  So cut hair will not work.  DNA information required for a paternity test can only be found in the root of the hair – this makes hair DNA testing possible.  You would need to pluck between 6 – 8 hairs.  Hair itself is only useful in cases were the maternity needs to be determined.  It is through what we call the mitochondrial (mtDNA).

Samples that work best.

It is possible to find DNA present in many different type of samples.  Highly accredited laboratories would normally offer you professional genetic consultancy prior to you ordering your test, in order to make sure you make the best choices.  Some companies also have pages on their website that describe quite comprehensively how it works.  If you have different samples already in hand it is always better to consult in order to make sure you submit the better sample.  A common highly recommended sample would be a used tissue with nose mucus in it that has been allowed to dry and placed in a dry paper envelope.  This sample has consistently provided successful results.  Other types of samples that can be considered to be good samples are nail clippings, toothbrushes and cotton buds (Q-tips) with earwax on them.

Discreet testing and affordable paternity testing.

Even though you might find that there are additional fees to be paid when it comes to testing discreet samples, it can still be considered to be extremely affordable.  Discreet samples are run through a more advanced analysis in order to find sufficient DNA to complete a profile.  Modern technology has allowed the possibility for affordable paternity testing for most people from all walks of life.