Immigration DNA Test

The UK Home Office is responsible for anything related to immigration and passports as well as drug policies. An  immigration DNA test is usually done when a person needs to establish biological proof of relationship with another relative who legally resides in the United Kingdom. Immigration DNA testing is not obligatory by the UK Home Office (The government department responsible for immigration and UK visas) or the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) but the results of such a test can help provide proof of relationship between a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or someone with a Right to Reside legally in the UK.

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Getting an immigration DNA Test

The UK Home Office may in some cases, request that a UK citizen who is sponsoring a relative to join them in the UK undergoes genetic immigration testing in order to prove that they are truly related to the individual they are sponsoring. Testing can ease the immigration application and facilitate immigration procedures. The most commonly requested immigration DNA test is the DNA paternity test. Note that the laboratory in which samples are tested must be accredited by the UK Ministry of Justice.

Immigration DNA testing: British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates

Immigration testing in the UK is done in conjunction with the UK Home Office. Once you have settled your payment we will prepare your DNA sample collection kit to be dispatched to the relevant doctor , embassy of the United Kingdom, British High Commission or consulate. Kits are sent directly to the embassy or British High commission (note that in some cases we will need to send out the kit by courier and there will be an additional charge if this is the case.The necessary appointments must be set up with sampling done by a third party medical professional and not by yourself. This is done to follow the necessary chain of custody sample collection procedure that ensures the validity of your immigration DNA test result. There is normally a fee for the sample collection that will need to be covered by the test participants.

The DNA immigration test is mostly requested to prove either paternity or maternity, however particularly in situations where the alleged parents are not available, we also offer various types of relationship DNA tests. Once we are informed of your particular case we will provide you with the necessary steps to follow and a personalised quotation.

How much is immigration DNA testing?

The cost of the test begins at £389 . However, we will need to establish how many people are being test to determine the correct price and we may also need to include additional shipping charges depending on the location of the various parties. Please note that the sample collection fee will be at an added cost. Immigration testing results will first be send out by email within 3-5 working days from the receipt of samples.

The time the whole procedure takes depends on where the people involved are located and how long it takes to receive your samples at our laboratory.

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