Grandparentage DNA Test

grandparentage DNA test is used toconfirm the biological relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.This type of test is done as an alternative to a DNA paternity test when the alleged father is not available for the test. If the alleged father is available, we recommend a father to son/daughter DNA test.

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In a grandparentage test, we suggest testing the grandfather and grandmother if both are available for testing. If only one grandparent is available, we require the DNA sample of the mother of the grandchild being tested.  We always recommend sending the mother’s DNA sample for testing as this can strengthen the result.

If the test involves a grandfather and his male grandchild, we recommend a Y chromosome test.

Grandparents will have genetic material in common with their grandchild/children . The results of this test will indicate if the tested grandparents are biologically related to the child. If the grandparents result as an inclusion, then we can say that the untested alleged father is the likely the true biological father of the child (the grandchild of the grandparents).

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