DNA Paternity Test

homeDNAdirect UK is a leading DNA testing company offering reliable DNA paternity testing at affordable prices. A DNA test is the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving parentage issues for legal or peace of mind purposes.

Our paternity test results are 99.99% accurate and we provide this level of accuracy for all our paternity DNA tests.

  • Home paternity test
    Home paternity test

    Our 21 Genetic Marker home DNA paternity test is Accredited, Affordable and Accurate

    homeDNAdirect UK offers its 21 genetic marker home paternity test for only £99 for one alleged father and child. This price includes the DNA test kit, the sample analysis and the result sent via email. There are NO EXTRA FEES.
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  • Legal paternity test


    The legal DNA paternity test is done if you need to pursue matters in a legal court, for example, over issues of alimony or inheritance. Legal tests can also be used for immigration.
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  • Prenatal paternity test

    RISK FREE prenatal DNA paternity test with 99.99% ACCURACY from your 10th WEEK of pregnancy

    Our prenatal DNA tests offers you the highest accuracy levels available whilst giving you a procedure that is 100% risk free. Through a simple blood collection you can have the answers now with accuracy above 99.99%
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homeDNAdirect UK and our paternity DNA tests

A paternal test is the most accurate method for confirming whether a tested, alleged father man is the biological father of a child.  Your paternity test results will be ready in just 3-5 working days. We can provide paternity testing in Glasgow, Leeds, Kent, Liverpool, Manchester, London or in any other place within the UK or even outside the UK where required.

To see how easy the sample collection procedure is with oral swabs visit our sample collection guide. If you are unable to send in oral swab samples, we offer a range of alternative samples that can be sent in for DNA analysis. Please view our discreet DNA testing options for more information.

What is the cost of a paternity test in the UK?

The cost of a paternal test will depend on the type of test you require.  Home paternity testing is offered for just £119. The price of a test will also change depending on the number of people tested and the type of samples used. Note that the NHS does not provide free paternal testing.

Please keep in mind that the UK Human Tissue Act makes it illegal to test human tissue belonging to another person without their consent. The people from which the sample has been taken  also need to be made fully aware that their sample will be used for DNA analysis.

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