Ancestry DNA Testing: Discovering your Ancient Family Tree

homeDNAdirect UK specializes in providing ancestry testing services. This test is a one-of-a-kind scientific tool employed by professional genealogists and people interested in unearthing their ancestry. Using just a simple saliva DNA sample, we can establish that deep rooted part of your ancestry you could not otherwise have discovered.

Ancestry dna testing starts from just £ 129.00 whilst our paternal lineage testing services are available starting from £ 119.00


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What does an ancestry test tell me?

Ancestry tests help carry out in-depth investigation into your origins based upon the close study of certain regions on your genes which are known to link you with your ancestors. Learn the following information:

  • Who where your ancestors? What anthropological groups did they belong to?
  • What is your haplogroup affiliation? With which studied ancient clans do you share common genetic characteristics?
  • What parts of the world did they come from?
  • Where did your ancestors migrate to? Where did they settle?

Our ancestry test results are highly detailed and informative coloured reports which make great gifts or simply family documents to preserve for generations to come.

Other uses of ancestry testing

  • An ancestry test is a unique way of learning your true origins
  • It is a DNA test that has helped countless adoptees who knew nothing about their roots discover or origins get an indication of their ancient origins.
  • People searching for an original and unusual gift for a birthday or anniversary can opt for an ancestry test.

Our 3 different ancestry testing services

All of us descend from 4 major ancestral groups: European, Indigenous American, East Asian, and Sub Saharan Africa. From which of these groups did you descent?Your DNA holds the answers to your true ancestry so begin to uncover your true origins with AncestrybyDNA™. This DNA test which we offer can tell you much more about your origins than those old photo albums or stories told by relatives. All we need is a quick sample collected by means of an oral swab to tell you more about your genetic origins.

Our Lineage testing services

homeDNAdirect UK offers two different types of lineage testing:

Paternal lineage ancestry testing services: Analyzing your Y chromosome we can determine the geographical regions from which your paternal forbearers came and confirm the haplogroups to which you belong.  Click here for more information.

Maternal lineage ancestry testing services: delve into the origins of your very own ancient maternal progenitors, learn their migratory paths and discover your haplogroup affiliation with this test. Click here for more information.

Sample collection process

The sample collection process could not be simpler and is the same for all our ancestry testing services. We will provide you with a sample collection kit inside which you will have the sterile oral swabs for sample collection. Following the instructions inside your kit, simply rub the swabs inside your mouth for ten seconds, fill in the consent forms and send us everything back for testing using the pre-addressed envelope inside your kit.

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