Laboratory Accreditation & Accuracy

We, at homeDNAdirect UK, place accreditation and the accuracy of results at the forefront of our priorities. All our DNA tests are performed by laboratories that are highly accredited and use the latest sophisticated equipment to carry out all our DNA testing. Our objective is to constantly excel at all the services we offer and ultimately providing our clients with results they can bank on.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is an assurance to the client of the optimal level of laboratory testing we offer. It means that each and every test done has to conform to the highest industry standards of precision so as to ensure your results are accurate. In fact, since the laboratory is certified, we also are able to offer court-admissible paternity tests for any legal requirements.

Specifically, the laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited which is the accreditation designated for laboratories performing DNA testing. An ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is subject to frequent inspections to ensure the standards set by ISO are consistently met.  Therefore, this requires rigorous inspections on every testing process offered to guarantee that everything is being done to produce the best results over and over again.

Accreditation means accuracy

What you ultimately want from your DNA test is accuracy. Our DNA tests for maternity and paternity are performed through the analysis of 21 genetic  markers, as this is now the standard number of markers to test in order to ensure  a level of accuracy that will guarantee peace of mind. Testing the mother, father and child in a DNA paternity test will provide an inclusion rate of paternity of 99.999%. If the alleged father is not the child’s true father, then there will be an exclusion of the father with 100% probability.

In cases where a single parent and child are tested, the success rate of the results is still that of a 99.9%+ probability.  The percentages issued on your results will be enough for you to be assured as to whether an individual is the biological father or a child or not.

You can find more information by visiting – Understanding you paternity test results

homeDNAdirect guarantee

At homeDNAdirect we guarantee that all the analyses are performed using the latest technologies in DNA testing and that all the systems are constantly being upgraded to keep abreast with any scientific developments. We also provide an excellent level of customer service since we understand that this may be a difficult and emotional situation for our clients.

All the above factors, together with a very competitive pricing structure, combine together to give the clients of homeDNAdirect the very best service possible.

For more general information about our DNA testing, please visit our frequently asked questions section.

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