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homeDNAdirect UK is a leading DNA testing company that provides you with testing of the highest calibre. We strive to give the peace of mind and answers needed when our clients carry out a DNA test. The laboratories have handled over 250,000 DNA tests, so rest assured, that together with our extensive expertise we are competent and knowledgeable enough to provide you with the very best service.

Outstanding customer service

homeDNAdirect UK has trained a customer care team that is very well-informed about all our tests and the technicalities of DNA testing. You can discuss your case by phone or e-mail and you will promptly be replied to once you have contacted us. Our team understands the sensitivity surrounding a DNA test. They will guide you so that you can select the test most suited to your needs and explain every step involved in the process.

Our portfolio of testing services

Our portfolio of testing services is extensive and we maintain our promise of accurate testing with each and every test. Our paternity DNA test will give you a precise percentage for inclusion or exclusion of paternity so as to eliminate any doubts you might have regarding the issue. Relationship DNA testing covers a number of tests available to determine relationships between alleged relatives.

Moreover, we offer you the possibility of sending a range of discreet samples that can be used as an alternative to our standard mouth swabs. These are listed in our discreet samples page.

Experience and scientific know-how

Your samples will only be processed and handled by fully qualified scientists and genetic analysts. All our DNA testing is carried out using the latest technology and scientific knowledge. Laboratories are ISO accredited; take some time to read about what accreditation is and how it helps towards the accuracy of your results.

Contact us today so that we can guide you on your DNA testing requirements.

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Web: www.homednadirect.co.uk

Email: info@homednadirect.co.uk

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